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MAC Sports Team

Michael Cruciotti

Founder & CEO

Michael Cruciotti is the Founder and CEO of MAC Sports International, LLC. Michael founded MAC Sports in 2015 with the mission of bringing in new sponsors to the equestrian industry and giving young, up and coming riders a chance to reach the top. Seven years later, MAC Sports services 15+ clients and reaches millions of viewers per year.

Michael is a serial Entrepenuer with several other ventures. Michael is also the founder of Jump Clear Fantasy, the world's first, exclusive to show jumping, daily fantasy sports platform.

Michael is also a published author, "No, Means Next: The Mindset of a Successful Entrepeneur." - Available on Amazon.

Favorite Quote:

"God must have loved ordinary people, because he made so many of us. But everyday, in every walk of life, ordinary people do extraordinary things." - Jim Valvano

Favorite Brand:


Michael Cruciotti

Favorite Rider:

Kelli Cruciotti-Vanderveen & Nayel Nassar


Seven years of running MAC Sports. Growing MAC Sports from a $2,000 investment to a several hundred thousand per year marketing agency. Launching the first Daily Fantasy Sports App for equestrian show jumping. Proud father to be, loving husband and passionate follower of Christ.

Portfolio Highlights

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