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MAC Sports International

Who are we

We are equestrians. Even though we may not ride every day or be in the ring of competition, we live and breathe clear rounds, blue ribbons and horses. MAC Sports International is a sponsorship, advertising and media production company servicing the equestrian show jumping industry.

Where did we come from

MAC Sports was conceived by Michael Cruciotti while in college at Whitworth University. Michael, being a son of a horse trainer, worked to answer one simple question... "How do we bring bigger and better sponsors into the horse world so that young, upstart athletes have a chance to reach the top?"

Starting with his sister, Kelli Cruciotti-Vanderveen, Michael set out to understand the world of digital advertising, sponsorship, media production and brand consultation.

"It was the lessons I learned early on with Kelli that have allowed MAC Sports to thrive in the equestrian industry. Banners are not enough to flourish in a modern advertising world. You need to captivate, motivate and convert your viewer. Only then will you achieve your marketing goals." - Michael Cruciotti

Where are we going

Seven years and millions of views later, MAC Sports works with over 15 of the industry's top equestrian brands, horse shows and athletes. 

Our most prized stat is not the number of views or number of companies we work with... our favorite stat is the time we have been able to service our clients. The average time of service with our clients is 4 years.

It is our goal to take a logical, strategic approach to the representation of an equestrian brand. Through our expertise of equestrian media platforms, social media advertising, web development, environmental consultation, and many other services, it is our mission to achieve each client's marketing goal in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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