Companies and Athletes We Have Worked With

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Kelli Cruciotti

Kelli is an emerging star in the world of equestrian show jumping. As a newly minted professional at the age of 18 she is one of the youngest competitors to win some of the most prestigious awards and classes within the world of American showjumping. Her future plans include continuing her online education to earn a college Bachelor of Arts degree in Business as well as continuing her quest for the USA Olympic team in 2020. 


Serenity Farm Show Stables

Serenity Farm Show Stables is a premier equestrian training facility in Elizabeth, Colorado. With their staff having over 90 years in combined experience, there are few places that match the quality, care and expertise that Serenity Farm has.

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Blue Ridge Farm

Blue Ridge Farm raises grass fed, all natural beef on the high plains of Colorado. Our steers are never given growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics and are allowed to grow up for about two years. During that time they are put out to pasture, enjoying their long summer days among the rolling hills and tall grass, and in the winters are fed grass hay and protein/vitamin supplements to ensure they maintain condition and continue their natural growth pattern.


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