"Don't Just Have A Presence, MAKE A STATEMENT!"

M.A.C. Sports International is a Marketing and PR firm dedicated to invigorating your online presence. 

With our background and expertise coming from working with equine professionals, athletes and associated firms, we can take your online presence and share it with the world. 

At M.A.C. Sports we strive to think outside the box. We look to take the simple and bland and make it extraordinary. Through simplicity and creativity, we create an online presence that is catered to your needs. In other words, we take your vision and your passion and express it to the world. 

  • Your website is the most important online tool for your business. In this age of the internet, you cannot afford to go without it. But we ask you, why just have a website with some information? Why not have something just as special and unique as your business?
Social Media
  • Simply put... Everyone is on Social Media. Your website is a tool to express your business, your social media is a portal to express your business. We help you build a brand that will show the world your business and your passion.
Digital Advertising
  • How much do you spend on advertising? None? Too Much? We take the approach that you can reach exactly who you want through our Social Media Advertising. We organize the masses into specific people who have interests in your business, then we send them to you and we let you do the rest.

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