Mission Statement

M.A.C. Sports International is a marketing and public relations firm dedicated to representing equestrian athletes and partnering with companies in the expansion of their social media presence. Whether it is managing your career or invigorating your digital experience, M.A.C. Sports gives you the tools to accomplish your dreams.

Our Story

M.A.C. Sports was conceived with the idea that it should not matter how much money you have but rather how much talent, heart, and passion you are willing to put into your venture. Founded in May of 2015 with the goal to give equestrian athletes, who may not have the financial means to compete at the highest levels, a chance in doing so through corporate and private sponsorship. We intend to push the envelope in helping new companies venture into new markets and help equestrian athletes become a power house in international competition. 


Where We Are Going

M.A.C. Sports looks to continue representing the best equestrian athletes and help them achieve their goals. We also look to help companies create and manage their social media platforms. Working directly with you to create an inviting and memorable experience for you and your viewers, we will take your idea and your passion and share it with the world.